About Me


So you want to know me? Ask me who I am and I will tell you. Otherwise, the imago mundi principle will simply tell you that I am who you seek.

Yes, you came to the right person.

Overall, what I do is to bring dreams to reality, tap into the universal source, the gnosis, χάος, khaos, and deliver possibilities to this reality.

This is who I am.

On another short-but-to-the-point, bullet-list, accomplishments, milestones approach:

  • 10+ years Videogames Industry experience (20+ in IT);
  • Brought 8 Ball Pool from web to mobile while working at Miniclip as a Producer, on a seamless transition that managed to leverage the app to #28 on the United States top grossing Appstore chart;
  • Got featured on Unity newsletter for developing a minority-report-like software that was used in the European Parliament for educational purposes;
  • Have been invited to lecture on many academic and training institutions, including media schools, universities and corporate training units, in both Iberian and Nordic regions;
  • Motivational speaker and career coach;
  • Holistic Healer;
  • Involved in Humanitarian, green-tech and off-grid sustainability causes.

I am born, I observe, but unlike Copperfield, I adapt and allow for the change I desire. Wu Wei 無為, non action, or Wei Wu Wei 為無為, action without action. Those who know me will tell you all about it.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.